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Like the smell of horror.....movies?

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Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love scary movies.  Here are my top three movies & candle pairs.     1. "The Craft" & Inanna   (Picture: Colombia Pictures) What happens when you bring women together that tap into their power that are liberating and profound? HWIC: Head Witches in Charge This movie pairs perfectly with Inanna who was a unapologetic powerful bad bish.     2. Nightmare on Elm Street & Lilith   (Picture: New Line Cinema) Nancy Thompson, "the final girl" fought back against Freddy Krueger, a deranged killer by tricking him into the real world and bested him. Her empowerment reminds...

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The Diffusion: Goddesses Playlist 💎

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The Diffusion: Goddesses Playlist💎Jam to these celestial tunes💎Listen now 

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