Like the smell of horror.....movies?

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love scary movies. 

Here are my top three movies & candle pairs.  


1. "The Craft" & Inanna


(Picture: Colombia Pictures)

What happens when you bring women together that tap into their power that are liberating and profound?

HWIC: Head Witches in Charge

This movie pairs perfectly with Inanna who was a unapologetic powerful bad bish.  


2. Nightmare on Elm Street & Lilith


(Picture: New Line Cinema)

Nancy Thompson, "the final girl" fought back against Freddy Krueger, a deranged killer by tricking him into the real world and bested him. Her empowerment reminds us of Lilith who fought for her freedom and refused the patriarchy. 


3. The Blair Witch Project & The Morrigan


(Picture: Lionsgate)

Three film students went into the woods to investigate the legend of the Blair Witch and disappeared. The legend of a powerful witch that was banished from the local town and is often seen as a spirit in black fur haunting the locals.  Much like The Morrigan (phantom queen), a frightening shapeshifter where people ran because of her fearful and magical appearance.