Private Label

Want your own branded candles or candles for special occasions but don't want to deal with the actual production?  

Chaos Candle Company would be happy to create candles for you.

Our private label is great for small business start-ups, weddings, corporate events, etc.


  • MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 30 vessels. 
  • No boxes or custom packaging provided. 
  • Candles will be blank, unlabeled except warning labels on the bottom.
  • Less Hassle? Choose from our Pick and Pay Packages. (see below)
  • Use form below to request your own personalize candles
  • All scents on our Scent List has been tested in our Coco Apricot Creme Wax with Wooden Wicks & Cotton Wicks.
  • If you want a different scent; there is a set-up fee of $120 which includes ordering fragrance oils, testing, shipping of samples etc.
  • If you want Traditional Cotton Wicks; there is a fee of $70.  
  • Orders can take 20 days + shipping time, however due to COVID-19, our lead time may be 5-7 weeks depending on the order, due to supplier delays.  Additional time may be needed for specialty containers.
  • Some containers may be in limited supply. Please note that we are experiencing delays with suppliers and shipping during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lead time may be up to 25 days or more.
  • We do not offer Custom Research and Development (R&D) i.e. Creating your own fragrance oil, candle vessel, or candle molds etc. 
  • Once payment has been made, production will begin. We will notify you when the order has shipped. We will also forward the tracking number for your package.
  • All prices are for complete candle (vessel, wax, wick, scent, warning label)
  • Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.
  • Due to the nature of custom candles; no refunds or exchanges.


General Questions: 

Can the MOQ be split? 

  • Yes, for scent only. You may choose any variety of scents to make up the 30 moq. 

What type of wax and wicks do you use? 

  • Coco Apricot Crème wax and Wooden Tube & Spiral Wicks. (please see above for cotton wicks)  

What are the shipping costs?

  • Our system will generate shipping costs  and will be included in pricing. There maybe additional shipping charges if the candles need to be packaged separately to minimize breakage. 

I need a rush order; Can you help?

  • It depends on the order. Nonrefundable fee starts at $250.   We need ample time to secure supplies and create your candles. We reserve the right to turn down orders rush request.

Do you offer volume discounts?

  • We offer discounts on the following MOQ:  100 to 200 pcs (5% discount); 201 to 500 pcs (10% discount)

Do you offer dyed waxes or wicks? 

  • No. 

Do you offer custom scents or vessels?

  • No. 


Order samples of our scents:  Samples 

Private Label Packages:

Package 1

Package 2

Luxury Tier Package: Package 3

Wedding or Special Occasions:  Weddings & Others

Scent List:  Scents