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Introducing our room spray, designed to instantly freshen up any space with a burst of delightful fragrance.

Our room spray is a quick and easy solution to eliminate unpleasant odors and create a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere in your home or office.

A sparkling, strong citrus floral fragrance with a delicious raspberry touch.

Fruity and Floral Scents: Rose, Jasmine, Pear, Raspberry 

SPRAY USAGE: Lightly shake and spray 1-2 pumps to freshen up your living space.

While this item is not intended for use on the skin, contact in small amounts will generally not be irritating, however - as with any product - allergies and sensitivities can and may occur for any number of reasons, depending on the individual person. We recommend testing a small amount on items and in areas of intended use before continuing. If any gets in contact with your skin, you may simply wash the affected area with soap and water.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Amber Spray Bottle (2oz)

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Water Soluble PF, Fragrance

Please note all orders containing aerosols must ship UPS/USPS Ground ONLY.

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