Chargeback Policy

If we receive, for any reason, a dispute, claim, and/or chargeback from your credit card issuer or any other payment method you use, you acknowledge that we have the right to charge a fee “chargeback fee” if a chargeback is placed with your credit card company (either intentionally or unintentionally) for any deposit made to your account.

The chargeback fee will be comprised of the “administration fee” of $50.00 (Fifty Dollars) and the fee of $250.00 (Two Hundred Fifty Dollars) to cover all further investigation expenses. In case of pre-arbitration, additional fees may apply from the card processor. This fee will be used to cover all investigative expenses to prove that the deposit was made by you upon receiving the chargeback from our merchant provider.

In respect of the aforementioned, you hereby authorize us to block your account and/or charge this amount to your credit card. We do not tolerate credit card fraud, and all fraud, without exception, will be prosecuted through criminal proceedings in your local jurisdiction to the fullest extent of the law. In addition, we will pursue civil legal action in your local jurisdiction seeking any loss of income related to the fraud, including business, legal fees, research costs, employee down time and loss of revenues.

We employ advanced risk modelling to detect fraudulent transaction clues across our Services. Fraudulent transactions are immediately cancelled after being detected. Any active Orders associated with the same fraudulent credit card will also be cancelled immediately.  We consider credit card charge backs to be fraudulent if you make no reasonable effort to work with us to resolve any problems with your deposit.


For items (candles and candle-making supplies) sold via Facebook market and/or groups: Chargeback policy is strictly enforced.