Our Story


Founded in 2020 by S.E. Carter, Chaos Candle Company was created out of love for epic tales of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Ancient History.

Chaos Candle Company aims to provide candle lovers pleasure and feelings like immortal gods when burning its candles.  

Every candle represents a story - helping you connect and find meaning in ways you never thought possible.

Each candle represents something different - allowing you to find the perfect one for your mood.

Chaos Candle Company prides itself on premium natural materials and craftsmanship - ensuring you get a satisfying experience.

Each candle contains a tube and/or spiral wooden wick that produce a quick melt pool and great hot scent throw with little carbon buildup or sooting.

Enjoy a warm, clean burn, and subtle scents matching your mood.

As a deaf owned company, we take the time to go the extra mile, and provide a complete experience from scent, aesthetics, story and more.

Start building your special collection today with the enchanting candle below.

All of our products are made in our studio in Maryland.