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Chaos Candle Company | Mythology Candles

Live Your Story With Chaos Candle Company Back To The Past With Warm, Soothing Light

wooden wicks


Chaos hand crafted candles are absolutely amazing the smell of perfection and the essence of the season at hand.

John E.

I bought the winter solstice collection for the holidays. I needed a “boost of morale” for my holiday spirit. Covid has done a number on the psyche. I smelled each one and noooooo exaggerating, each one smells like the holidays! I wasn’t even a candle fanatic BUT now I’m hooked! Can’t wait to try different fragrances! Thank you!!

Stacey E.

It’s very nice to get a homemade candle that smells great and burns clean. The wicks are so easy to maintain. Very good value also as the candles last longer.

Barbara N.

Love every single one! Great throw and smells amazing! They last a ling time and 1 candle will make my whole 1st floor smell incredible!

Dezaray C.