Out of Chaos, Came the Light

Chaos Candle Company brings you to the past with vivid tales and mythology.

  • Chaos hand crafted candles are absolutely amazing the smell of perfection and the essence of the season at hand.

    - John E.

  • I bought the winter solstice collection for the holidays. I needed a “boost of morale” for my holiday spirit. Covid has done a number on the psyche. I smelled each one and noooooo exaggerating, each one smells like the holidays! I wasn’t even a candle fanatic BUT now I’m hooked! Can’t wait to try different fragrances! Thank you!!

    -Stacy E.

  • Ngl I love your candles. They’re a better quality and they keep their smell and I have friends who are witches who love when I get them their patron candle. .
    If I could buy all the smells I would. My favorites are Erebus and Eros. I just got eostre and it’s delicious and fresh. Idk what the mystery candle is either but it’s soooooo good.

    -Katie D.