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The Art of Private Label Candles

So you want to start your own candle brand? 

You should be expected to pay upward of $1,000+ or more. 

If you are seeking out a company to create your candle brand, you will have to manage your expectations on time and cost. 

Candle Companies spend months testing every wax, every fragrance oil, every vessel and every wick in order to create a high quality standard industry candle.

The most expensive material is Fragrance Oils. Candle Companies will use high quality complex natural fragrance oils in their composition that will give excellent cold and hot throw.   If you are looking to create your own custom fragrance oil, expect to pay $5,000 to $10,000 for a perfumer and/or fragrance house.

If you want the quality of your candle to be exceptional, after all your name will be on the label; you must be willing to spend extra cost on quality production.  


Case Study: 

We were contacted by a music pr to make custom candles for their client. The candles were given away at their release party and to various musicians, celebrities and guests.

The reviews were great but they decided to go with a different company to produce their candles (aka cheaper in product and cost). 

Their fans were not happy with the candles; comments of cheap smells, wicks shifting, glass exploding and tunneling.  There was a recall on the product and of course their client is out of hundreds.   

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