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Get these Candles for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, the planet that represents all kinds of communication, will be retrograde until October 18. When Mercury is in retrograde, all kinds of things that could go wrong...go wrong.  Look out for communication breakdowns, misunderstandings, and technology burnout. (My laptop got the "blue screen of death" when updating the blog)
We've put together a list of candles to help you get through the retrograde.
Need to Slow Down?
1. Nyx (Chestnut + Birch)
2. Cerberus (Cade + Neroli)
Suffering from Brain Fog?
1. RA (Mandarin + Resin) 
2. Odin's Eye (Cucumber)


Having a Stressful Time?
1. Atalanta (Eucalyptus + Fir Balsam)
2. Erebus (Clove + Sandalwood)


Want Creativity?
1. Hipployta (Shea Butter + Vanilla Orchid)
2. Nocturnal
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