Private Label

Want your own branded candles for special occasions but don't want to deal with the actual production?  

Chaos Candle Company would be happy to create for you.


  • MOQ (minimum order quantity): 50 
  • Price includes: Jar, Wax, Wick, Fragrance, Warning label.
  • We do not create packaging.  
  • Candles will be unlabeled except warning labels on the bottom.
  • Chose from a curated collections of Scents. 
  • Orders can take 15 days + shipping time, however due to COVID-19, our lead time may be 3-5 weeks depending on the order, due to supplier delays.  Additional time may be needed for specialty containers.
  • Some containers may be in limited supply. Please note that we are experiencing delays with suppliers and shipping during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lead time may be up to 20 days or more.
  • We do not offer customization i.e. creating your own fragrance oil, candle vessel, or candle molds etc. 
  • Once payment has been made, production will begin. We will notify you when the order has shipped. We will also forward the tracking number for your package.
  • All prices are for complete candle (vessel, wax, wick, scent, warning label)
  • Quotes are valid for 3 days.
  • Once an order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.
  • Due to the nature of custom candles; no refunds or exchanges.

 Portfolio: Portfolio

Scent List:  Curated Scents 

Buy Samples:   Sample Box *coming soon*  

 It is highly recommended that you purchase a Sample Box. Please see our listing above. 

General Questions:

Can the MOQ be split? 

  • Yes, for scent only  {Example:  25 Lavender & 25 Vanilla}

What type of wax and wicks do you use? 

  • Coconut Apricot Crème Wax
  • Flat Braid Cotton Core Wick

What are the shipping costs?

  • Our system will generate shipping costs. There maybe additional shipping charges if the candles need to be packaged separately to minimize breakage. 

I need a rush order; Can you help?

  • It depends on the order. Nonrefundable rush fee starts at $500.   We need ample time to secure supplies and create your candles. We reserve the right to turn down orders rush request.

Do you offer volume discounts?

  • No.

Do you offer dyed waxes or wicks? 

  • No. 

Do you offer custom scents or vessels?

  • No.