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Embrace the brilliance of Radiant, a fragrance that captures the air of pure luminosity.

The journey begins with the invigorating notes of lychee and grapefruit, creating a vibrant and refreshing opening. At its heart, the opulence of Turkish rose blooms, enveloping you in its luxurious and timeless scent. The fragrance gently settles into a base of warm vanilla, adding a touch of sweetness and depth. Radiant is an ode to the dazzling beauty of light, perfect for those who shine from within.

Illuminate your presence with Radiant, where each spritz is a beacon of elegance.

Fruity & Flora Scent

TOP: Lychee

MIDDLE: Turkish Rose

BASE: Vanilla, Grapefruit 

INGREDIENTS:  Alcohol 39C, DEP, Benzyl Salicylate, Fragrance oil

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