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Step into the timeless romance of Paris at twilight with Ville Lumiere, a perfume that captures the enchanting glow of the City of Lights.

The fragrance opens with the radiant scent of orange blossom, illuminating the night with its fresh and vibrant notes. A heart of golden honey and creamy vanilla adds a touch of sweet decadence, reminiscent of indulgent Parisian delights. Finally, the base of earthy oakmoss grounds the scent, evoking the enduring elegance of Parisian streets. Ville Lumiere is a luminous journey through the heart of Paris, a celebration of its eternal charm and beauty.

Experience the magic of Ville Lumiere, where each spritz is a stroll through the illuminated boulevards of Paris.

Floral Scent 

TOP: Orange Blossom


BASE: Vanilla, Oakmoss

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol 39C, DEP, Benzyl Salicylate, Fragrance oil

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